Open Danish Farrier Championship

The competition is a 30 year old international danish championship for farriers, where talented participants from both Denmark, as well as the rest of the world, compete for the title as the Danish Farrier Champion, as well as the best Danish Apprentice! 

The judging panel consists of a qualified selection of farriers who judge the participants on their finesse, skills and eye for detail, in various categories and classes as well as speed forging.

Have a loot at the list of participants, as well as the judging panel line-up here!

In addition to the competition, ODFC also strives to act as a knowledge bank and mediator of the farrier trade, and through this, to focus on the training process itself, in order to create awareness and peek interest in the profession as a whole.

Behind the event is a team of dedicated women, from different kinds of backgrounds, but all with horses as their common interest

Amanda, IdaNynne, and Olivia make up the

Open Danish Farrier Event Team. They have big ambitions for the competition and strive to make it a educational, fun and exciting couple of days, where good vibes and fighting spirit has first priority!  

Can't wait to see you there!