Amanda Dörge

On a daily basis, Amanda is studying as well as working at RØG Mad og Vinbar and NC Horse Wellness

She’s the lucky owner of three beautiful horses, and she likes to spend her free-time at the stables with them!

In our event team, Amanda is responsible for a great deal of our communication with sponsors and networks, in the form of sponsor letters and the like; She’s a super skilled and sharp communicator, and has a ton of connections!

Ida Nielsen

Ida is a trained, registered farrier, and runs her own farrier business, Idas Beslagsmedie.

She has her own gorgeous horse, and together they spend time training and competing in show jumping.

In our team, Ida is the one with the overview on things, when it comes to making sure that there's enough fuel to the forges, iron for the competition, and all the other small material details you'd easily lose track of; She makes sure the competition runs smoothly!

Mette Heyde

Mette is a trained primary school teacher and has 20 years of experience, from the "normal" as well as the the special needs area.

She has her own farm with horses, dogs and chickens and works with sensory experiences to children and young people with special needs.

She contributes with a unique insight into the education system, as well as  great suggestions as to how we appeal to young people who wants to give the farrier trade a go. She's our link between theory and practice.

Nynne Navntoft

Nynne finished her training as a registered farrier on April 2016, at the Gardehusarregimentet in Slagelse.

She has owned horses for many years, but these days she's put her riding career partially on hold and instead focuses 100% on her craft as a farrier at Nynnes Beslagsmedie.

On the team, she is a driving force behind seeking out sponsors and potential venues as well as coordinating and communicating with participants once they sign up for the competition.

Olivia van Rooij

Olivia is a self-employed graphic designer and illustrator, working at her own companies van Rooij Design Studio og Poivre, where she develops websites, graphic and logo designs as well as illustrations and poster art.

For a period of her life, she lived in Norway where she trained and rehabilitated horses, but now she mostly rides for fun and relaxation.

She is behind the overall Housestyle of the competition, and has developed our logo and website as well as other graphic material for the competition.